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Admiral Denim Washing Plant has one of the most modern washing plant in Bangladesh, established in Shilmun, Station Road, Gazipur, Dhaka. The washing plant is set up with the state of the art machinery not only to cater our internal requirements but also to cater the needs of outside customers. In addition, our plant has been expanded in a large scale. The washing plant has a capacity of washing 15,000 Pcs. of Denim per day.

We cater complete ranges of all wet and dry processes. As per buyers’ requirements, denim needs washes, dyeing, blasting and what not- even throwing colours on it by hands. In fact, the other name of jeans is fashion with no fixed definition. Wet washing ranges over enzyme, silicone, bleaching, stone, acid, ice, tint, dark rinsing, over-dyeing, spray dyeing, tie dye, direct dye, chemical blasting, sand blasting, and any newly required wash effects as per our buyers requirements. Touching denim with hearts, artistry and latest equipments is the secret of our dry finishes like hand brush, whisker, 3D whisker, crinkle, hem grinding, tacking, nicking, PP spray, 3D wrinkle, chevron, resin, highlighting, resin, patch grinding and curing. In any types of finishes, quality is checked in at least four steps- before production, when on production, after production and before shipment to filter the best quality jeans and ensure that nothing undesired can slip over on buyers’ hands.

Our Products:
  • Garments Wash, Sand Wash, Silicon Wash, Mat Wash, Stone Enzyme Wash, Stone Enzyme Silicon Wash, Stone Enzyme Bleach Wash, Acid Wash (Snow Wash), Tinted Wash, Chemical Spray, Witch Caring, Destroy.
Production Capacity:
  • Having a production capacity of 15,000 pieces jeans per day.
Transportation Capacity:
  • Four Covered Vans are currently being used for transportation.
Number of Employees:
  • A total of 110 people are engaged in different positions in this company.
Machineries & Equipment:
  • 7 Washing Machines, each of them are capable to load upto 600lbs
  • 2 Sample Machines, each of them are capable to load upto 150lbs
  • 2 Hydro Extractors
  • 6 Dryer, each of them are capable to load upto 450lbs
  • A boiler, capable to load upto 1Ton
  • 2 Deep Tubewells, each of them are 3 inches in diameter
  • Dry Processing units are Wrinkle, 3D, PP Spray, Etc. In House
Health & Safety:
  • We cautiously keep watch over the personal health and safety each of the employees. We maintain the rules for personal health and safety each of our employees.
Our Valued Clients:
  • Kiabi, Charles Vogele, Carrefore, Redcates
Fire Drill:
  • Fire Drill is every practised in every month in a regular basis.
Code of Conduct:
  • The company strictly follows the Code of Conduct.
Strict Quality Procedure:
  • Each piece of garment is carefully quality checked before we start any dry or wet process on it.
  • When the dry process is complete, a 2nd quality check is done to filter any reject garment to enter into the  wet zone.
  • After wash, a final quality check is placed to ensure highest quality level.
Multi Cultural Environment:
  • We have sourced  & engaged several foreign & local  personnel  in our laundry who  have vast experience in  laundry technologies  & operation gained while working in  Spain, Italy, Germany, Egypt , India, Pakistan and many more countries & as well as in Bangladesh.
  • Such variety of knowledge and expertise has transformed the company with a knowledge base & excellence of work in production & quality.