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Kame & Komol Fashion Wear’s Ltd. is a Bangladesh-based fashion buying, sourcing, distributor, manufacturer & exporter company with an international scope. With several years of experience and a team of about two thousand five hundred employees. We are committed to excellence in the fashion industry.

Our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude to business has created strong relationships with buyers, manufacturers & exporters. We have an established client base throughout Asia, Europe, American, Australian markets comprised of both independent and major retailers.

Kame & Komol Fashion Wear’s Ltd. has built long-term relationships within all sectors of the fashion industry, and has earned both respect and trust from the trade. Kame & Komol Fashion Wear’s Ltd. believes in forming long-term relationships with the valuable customers, manufacturers & exporters. We are mainly as the leading supplier of Woven, Bottom, Knit, & Sweater apparels by serving international market especially for retailer and wholesaler.

In the market of Buying, Sourcing and Exporting

It is said that Sourcing is defined as the process of determining how and from where manufactured goods or components will be procured. And Kame & Komol Fashion Wear’s is one of the very few who does this best. Our clients rely on us while we provide the best of our sources. The main motivational force behind Kame & Komol Fashion Wear’s to do sourcing is to give the highest level of satisfaction, at low production cost.