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Kashfi Knit Ware Ltd. is a Bangladesh-based fashion factory who is capable for knit ware manufacturer & exporter. Our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude to business has created strong relationships with buyers, manufacturers & exporters. We have an established client base throughout Asia, Europe, American, Australian markets comprised of both independent and major retailers.

Kashfi Knit Ware Ltd. has built long-term relationships within all sectors of the fashion industry, and has earned both respect and trust from the trade. Kashfi Knit Ware Ltd. believes in forming long-term relationships with the valuable customers, manufacturers & exporters. We are mainly as the leading supplier of Knit apparels by serving international market especially for retailer and wholesaler.

Kashfi Knit Ware Ltd. have the following facilities for smooth operation

Stand by Generator to support emergency power for full factory
Up to date Fire protection system
Sufficient volume of water reservoir at underground & overhead.
Quality electrical cable with circuit breakers
Separate & adequate toilets for male & female workers
Sufficient ventilation is provided by installing ceiling fans, exhaust fans, large windows
Factory premises is always kept neat & clean
We do not have any child labor
Doctor & Nurse are provided to take care of workers health